The World’s Gone Mad…

Some stories to set the mouth foaming this morning!

 Idiotic (fake) news story:

Trigger alert: “JESUS Christ was a victim of sexual abuse after he was stripped by Roman soldiers ahead of his crucifixion, a leading academic has claimed. Dr Katie Edwards, a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, claims Christ was “a victim of sexual violence” in an essay headed #HimToo.”

Students may like to consider:

  1. Is it comforting or alarming that our “academics” have this much time on their hands?
  2. What, if any, is the relevance of the fact that Jesus is a mythological figure?

Both irony and wishful thinking

“Nicola Sturgeon ‘powerless’ to stop extradition of Catalan minister Ponsati ; A ­European arrest warrant was issued for Clara Ponsati on Friday, she is currently working at St Andrew’s University.”

Student Remainers may like to consider:

  1. Is it comforting or alarming that academics can be plucked from our universities and returned to their home countries without due process under a European Arrest Warrant?
  2. Should Nicola Sturgeon be charged with rebellion and put against a wall with a blindfold and a last cigarette, even though she doesn’t smoke?
  3. Should Nicola Sturgeon be alarmed by the fact that Ponsati is only guilty of something that she herself would like to be doing (i.e. trying to free a small, vibrant and prosperous country from the shackles of a repressive, fascistic state)?

PS I was being ironic with that last point – what I should have said was: “trying to free a small, backward and welfare-dependant country from the munificent arms of a state that, for reasons no-one outside Scotland can understand, wants to keep it in a Union)?”