Help Yourself

“Commuters looked on in horror as a woman lay down and pleasured herself for ten minutes”

Today’s poem is inspired by this article about a young woman who decided that a bit of onanism was in order on the London underground.

Sarah Hinkson, 37, draped herself across four seats on the Hammersmith and City line while touching herself and moaning loudly. Her hand was still down her trousers when she was arrested by police officers at King’s Cross station after another passenger raised the alarm

Unfortunately (or not) the article is mostly hidden behind a paywall so it’s up to your imagination to fill in the rest of the story.

To assist, I present this little limerick…

There was a young lass from Coleraine

There was a young lass from Coleraine
Who liked flicking the bean on a train
From Mile End to Bank
She continued to wank
And got off at Chancery Lane

Phil C.