Keep Your Hat On


You can’t have failed to see, in recent weeks, the eminent Professor Victoria Bateman – either on social media or on TV.

In case you have, she’s the women who attempts to get across her sane rational and expert opinions (#irony) on Brexit by taking all her kit off and strutting around in the buff.

It’s good to see hypocrisy is still alive and well, even thriving, on the left after the #MeToo movement; with the banning of grid girls from F1 and removal of walk-on girls at the darts (which has succeeded in putting several hundred women out of work) it is socially unacceptable to have women objectified in the support of sport, but perfectly acceptable to have them get their growler out in the name of progressive politics.

So, in tribute to Mrs Bateman, I wrote this limerick;

There Was A Young Lass Called Victoria

There was a young lass called Victoria
Who’d strip off as soon as she saw ya
With a big hairy muff
That was surely enough
To carpet the Waldorf Astoria

Phil C.