OK, I finally decided I’d seen enough PC bullsh*t in the media and increasingly in everyday life and so I decided to start this blog to highlight the way the Cultural Marxism is driving a poisonous agenda to ‘divide and conquer’ the small ‘c’ conservative way of life that we’ve largely enjoyed for decades.

My Plan

Through writing about the rise of Political Correctness, highlighting it’s folly and exposing the real reasons behind it, I’m hoping to convince other like-minded decent folks to join the fight.


I’m not a prolific poet, but I find that some things are better expressed in verse – usually ironic and (hopefully) amusing.

And let’s face it, there are precious few right-of-centre poets (and commedians) these days – due entirely to Cultural Marxism that vilifies anyone who dares to poke a light-hearted stick at anyone else.