The Nick Boles Limerick

National Poetry Writing Month

April is National Poetry Writing Month and as I fancy myself as an amateur poet, I thought I’d have a go and try and write a poem every day for the month of April.

Some (probably most, if I’m being honest) of my verses will be fairly mediocre and so I won’t spam you with posts after post of these – I’ll probably do a summary after a week or two and again at the end – but some of the poems will be worthy of further comment. Such is the case with this one.

Nick Boles is one of the most treacherous MPs sitting in the commons right now.

Consistently and persistently campaigning against the manifesto on which he was elected, a classic Remoaner who claims to represent his constituency, a constituency that voted strongly in favour of Brexit.

Such is the anger of the local Tories that they were intending to deselect him as their MP for any future election. To avoid this ignominy he resigned from his local Association.

This week he was in the news for his public and carefully orchestrated flounce after his amendment (to further scupper Brexit) was rejected by the Commons. So to honour the weasel that is Nick Boles, I give you;

The Nick Boles Limerick

There was an MP called Nick Boles
Whose aim was to ignore the proles
Though they voted to quit
He didn’t give a shit
And thought they were clueless a-holes

Phil C.