Theresa the Sell-Out

#NaPoWriMo Day 3

Having said I wouldn’t spam loads of posts with poems, here we are on Day 3 of National Poetry Writing Month and I’m posting again.

Mainly because being able to vent some of my anger at the betrayal of Brexit that is going on helps to lower my blood pressure by a few points.

Today, the news is that our Prime Minister is now planning to sell out her Party and the Country as a whole in order to push her rancid Brexit In Name Only deal through.

This includes rejecting a WTO rules Brexit (even though more than half the cabinet and the majority of Brexit voters support it) and instead, going cap-in-hand to the leader of the opposition – a Marxist, terrorist sympathiser – to try and get him to support the deal.

Theresa the Sell-Out

What’s wrong with Theresa, she must be unwell,
Is there nothing that she is unwilling to sell?
She sold our democracy, couldn’t care less,
Prefers to obey Jean-Claude Juncker I guess.
She sold out your vote to Merkel and Macron,
Her Withdrawal Agreement’s no more than a con.
She sold out her cab’net without any fuss,
Prepared to throw ministers under the bus.
She sold out the Tories to Corbyn and Labour,
How desperate to have to ask them for a favour?
She sold out the Irish, they came to her aid,
Just as long as Verhofstadt and Tusk are obeyed.
She’s sold out the Country, sold me and sold you,
To see us a vassal state of the EU.
It’s time to make sure that we have the last word,
“A riot is a language of the unheard.”

Phil C.