Alice Loves Dick

Seems the PC brigade are out in full force this ‘festive’ season with the usual complaints about the innuendos observed in pantomimes.

This one hit the headlines as a result of some additional rudeness including poking a finger out of the front of the trousers. I might be persuaded that this was unnecessary but refuse to accept the “in the current climate” argument.

There is no “current” climate, the climate is constantly changing and constantly shifting towards ultra-puritanism – today, the line “Alice Loves Dick” is an acceptable double entendre but in a short while it won’t be unless we put an end to the PC BS.

I was amused by the “Dreaming of a white campus” tweet from UCL this week. That this should have come from a (presumably) strong liberal-left organ such as a University is particularly delicious – even I had to double-take before I understood what they were trying to say, so it must have left most of the students foaming at the mouth with anger.

Finally, I was going to congratulate Star Bet for their tweet showing someone taking the p!ss out of Diane Abbott’s counting ability (and general level of intelligence). They initially refused to take down the image, stating that it was a humorous costume and message and no offence was meant.

However, it seems the Virtue Signallers got their way in the end – demanding that someone ‘blacking up’ was de-facto racist – and the photo has been removed.

Paradoxically, believing that it’s OK for black people to parody other black people but not OK for white people to parody black people is, in itself, a racist position – but that seems to be lost on most people.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year