The Magic Money Tree

Came across a poem

I wrote earlier in the year after the near-miss general election where, despite Labour’s shambolic Pro-Brexit-Pro-EU-Pro-Customs-Union-Leave-Customs-Union hokey cokey (which continues today), Theresa May nearly conspired to lose the election and drop us all well and truly in the crap.

Of course one of the main reasons Labour gained so many votes was their shameless attempt to bribe the younger voters with free stuff.

So in tribute to the feckless youth who can’t see (or think) further than free money for beer and dope;

The Magic Money Tree

So that’s the election over and done
The Conservatives lost and Labour won
An astounding, amazing victory
For Corbyn and his Magic Money Tree

Did you vote for Abbott, genius of sums
Counting police on her fingers and thumbs
Did you really vote for her as home secretary
Or for Corbyn and his Magic Money Tree?

Did you vote for a friend of the IRA
Who, on Islamic extremism has nothing to say
Who’d refuse to use trident if he held the key
Or are you safe under his Magic Money Tree?

Buy back the railways and power he said,
Just for one minute run that round your head
That’ll cost hundreds of billions of pounds don’t you see
Or are you blinded by his Magic Money Tree?

His plans for business are tax, tax and tax
A disaster in waiting, but aside from the facts
Did you vote to trash our economy
Or for the sparkly Magic Money Tree?

Billions more for schools and the NHS
A position on Europe that’s a total mess
A Remainer who signed up to Article 50
C’est magnifique le Magic Money Tree

In return for your vote he will write off your debt
But someone must pay, has it dawned on you yet?
There is no such thing as a free degree
And there is no such thing as a Magic Money Tree

Phil C.