Good Riddance to Blue Peter

You may have missed this

earlier in the year, but there was an episode of Blue Peter that registered ZERO viewers.

Now there is some debate about how many they actually got, and the fact that this was a repeat in the early afternoon when the kids were all at school, but even so it inspired me to write this;

Good riddance to Blue Peter

Blue Peter is finished, and a good job too
It’s so outdated, we need something new
That it’s lasted so long is the real mystery
Why nobody watches seems obvious to me

How can they represent our day and age
We’re a rainbow of colours not BBC beige
Two straight men, one woman is offensively stale
Where’s the African pre-op transgender male?

Gender fluidity is not to be feared
A girl with tattoos or Conchita Wurst beard
Lady boys, drag queens and LGB cuties
A cross dresser called Colin with 40” beauties

We want Minah the Syrian refugee
And Astro from the traveller community
Let’s see Muslims and Bhuddists, Sikhs and Hindus
We’re tired of Christians and no-one likes Jews

Give us diversity give us inclusion
Give this show a millennial transfusion
Then it will be back to 10 out of 10
One more thing, which one’s Blue Peter again?

Phil C.

Clearly the BBC is slipping, for which we can be grateful.