Introducing the editors

Today I want to introduce two friends of mine who will be appearing on the Blog from time to time.

They are known in our local as Waldorf and Statler. A couple of grumpy old gits who live for making disparaging remarks about the Muppet Show that is UK politics.

That actually does them a disservice as they are both well educated, highly articulate individuals with fire in their belly, passion in their heart and acerbic wit on their tongue.

Eddie Howe

Eddie was a Corporate Lawyer in London for many years and worked with some of the big names in media. It was here that he honed his talent for spotting (and trashing) leftie luvvies and their ilk and he’s seen first-hand the profligacy of organs such as the BBC.

Vic Amelia

Vic worked in corporate data security. He has a more upfront approach to tackling the problems of UK society. He is also our local expert on Common Purpose and other similar Trojan elitist pro-EU political organisations that seek to subvert democracy in UK, and worldwide.

Trust me – it’s going to be fun and entertaining having them on board. Their first contribution is coming up on Thursday.

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