I’m Going To Sue My Parents

Bloody Kids

It’s been a while but I’m back with some new poetry to stir the soul.

Today’s bit of nonsense is this story about a guy in India who is intending to sue his parents – because he didn’t ask to be born.

There aren’t many occasions when words fail me, but this is one time when I struggle to make any sense of what he is on about. Apparently he has a great relationship with his parents but compared having children to;

kidnapping and slavery

So in order to try and understand, I put myself in his shoes and tried to articulate a poem about what he is feeling.

Interestingly a couple of days later this article came out about parents who want to sue their children after sacrificing everything to give their kids the best start and being abandoned by them when the kids become successful.

What a time to be alive!

I’m Going To Sue My Parents

I’m going to sue my Mum and Dad
It’s their fault that I’m here
They never even asked me
They were so cavalier

A quick one on the back seat
A sperm, an egg and bam!
And 39 weeks later
From out her vag I sprang

My prep school was a nightmare
My Nanny was a cow
She made me do my homework
I got shit grades anyhow

I still got into Uni
Read sociology
4 hours a week was too much
Caused me great anxiety

I dropped out and feel better
The Bohemian life for me
Don’t need to work as I get cash
From Mummy and Daddy

My flat up here in Knightsbridge
Is small and pretty grim
The third bedroom is tiny
And the walls are paper thin

My nearest shop is Lidl
It’s miles to Harvey Nick’s
My latte isn’t skinny
And there’s nothing on Netflix

It’s a desperate world I live in
Other parents should be warned
So I’m suing mine for thousands
To make them wish I’d never been born

Phil C.