Why the EU is a failure – in four articles

Four fascinating and linked articles in the DT last week;

This is the first contribution from Eddie Howe, and here he looks at what’s going on in the EU today. And explains what it all means.


Part 1;

“The European Commission is expected on Wednesday to take the unprecedented step of triggering “Article 7” of the EU treaties against Poland. The draconian step comes as the EU accuses Poland of undermining the democratic values of the European Union through a legislative assault on the judiciary and free media. Poland’s government disputes this.”

Which is the EU telling countries who they can and cannot appoint as judges.

Part 2;

“Theresa May is facing calls from the European Parliament’s Brexit chief to condemn Poland’s autocratic government as a “test” of the UK’s commitment to the EU’s liberal, democratic values and the future relationship with Europe.”

Which is the EU telling us which countries we can and cannot be on friendly terms with, carrying the implicit threat that we will be in their bad books if we don’t comply.

Part 3;

“Brexit may be preoccupying the European overlords, but they should be looking over their shoulders, not across the Channel. The real threat, as they shout in pantomimes, is behind you. The Habsburg empire, the original multinational, multicultural and multifaith European entity, is quietly reforming, in a loose and nebulous way. The new governments of Austria and the Czech Republic, along with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland (what you might term the Imperial Bunch) find themselves with a lot in common – namely a common difficulty, Brussels.”

Which is the old Empire’s constituent countries saying “stop meddling with our national identity and sovereignty”.

Part 4;

“Austria’s new government found itself embroiled in a diplomatic row with Italy on its first day in office on Monday after offering to grant passports to German-speaking inhabitants in Italy’s South Tyrol region.”

Which is the Austrians meddling with Italy’s national identity and sovereignty!

Any bets on a new World War breaking out in the Balkans in the next decade???