Political Correctness Abounds

Quick roundup of Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism news from the last few weeks;

Army – Be the best quite good

So the British Army has dropped the “Be The Best” slogan from its advertising campaign for fear that it may be elitist. Unbelievable.

These people should try coming second in a fight and see how they feel.

How do RSMs drive their recruits to the limit, how do they get them in to fighting shape, learning to take orders, being prepared to lay down their lives for Queen and Country under a banner of “Let’s strive to be quite good, as long as we’re inclusive”.

Here’s Sir Nicholas Soames’ take.

PC-CM Rating 8.5

Backlash from #EndFGM Day

Police virtue signalling went into overload this week with #EndFGM day.

As a result they faced a massive backlash from people rightly asking what the police had actually done to end FGM, how many prosecutions had been brought, how many convictions?

Result – Surrey police accuse their followers of Islamophobia.

As Blackadder4Britain points out “You’re infinitely more likely to be arrested by @SurreyPolice and then prosecuted for mean tweets than FGM.”


PC-CM Rating 9.5

Twitter Quickies

Paul Joseph Watson “Justin Trudeau is a total imbecile”

Remoaner Brexit Fail

Lord Adonis [nominative determinism failure] proudly announced that Durham Uni had voted 105-82 against Brexit. Mark Wallace puts him straight

Sour-grapes Soubry gets taken down by Nadine Dorries

Colour Blind Man Solves Rubik Cube