Suicide Bombers need a safe space

After the ridiculous story of Edinburgh Uni student Robbie Travers being investigated for insulting ISIS, I was inspired to write this poem;

Suicide bombers need a safe space

You can’t take the piss out of ISIS
It’s obnoxious and racist and rude
We’re here to engage with you Kuffars
And put cyanide into your food

We’re people like you, we have feelings
It’s unfair that you want us all dead
Just because we might throw you off buildings
Or rape you or cut off your head

Your young understand and they like us
They speak out to champion our case
They’re gullible stupid and witless
Just as well they get blown into space

Your MPs are impotent puppets
Afraid, paralysed and repressed
Meanwhile we come and go freely
With our swords and our suicide vests

At the same time we multiply quickly
And set up our own teaching schools
Spread Islamist extremism more widely
You don’t see it, you stupid white fools

One day we will see a great victory
The end of the Judeo-Christian race
Until then please be kind to our feelings
Suicide bombers also need a safe space